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Unsure of what nail treatment you want? Here’s our quick guide …..

Natural Length – If you’re happy with your natural length and just want something a little extra then try one of these options.

Option 1 – Artistic 7 Day wear nail polish. A quick treatment to add a splash of colour to your nails for an event or just because! Artistic 7 Day wear nail polish is easy to remove yourself at home, just remember normal polish takes up to 24hrs to dry!

Option 2 – Artistic Gel Polish. If you want a longer lasting, more durable colour with a high shine finish then this is the one for you! Gel polish gives the nail a medium strength coating that lasts up to 14 days.

Option 3 – Overlays with Acrylic or Calgel. Overlays are the perfect choice for maintaining the length of your natural nails with a strong coating that lasts up to 3 weeks and can be infilled to keep on for as long as you want.

Shorter or weaker – If you’re unhappy with your natural nails, whether it be the length, they keep snapping and just don’t grow or you have damage to the nails then don’t worry we have you covered with these options:

Option 1 – IBX nail strengthening treatment. Treat your nails from the inside out with this amazing product that can also be applied under any other nail services.

Option 2 – Nail Extensions. We will apply tips to add length and then acrylic or Calgel for strength. Nail extensions last up to 3 weeks and can be infilled to keep on for as long as you want.

What is the difference between Acrylic and Calgel?

Calgel is designed with natural nails in mind and works to ensure that their health and strength remains intact. It’s more flexible and can be applied thinner so is perfect for natural nail overlays or shorter nail extensions. Calgel is applied onto the nail and set using a UV lamp.

Acrylic is designed as a much harder product leaving a stronger, more protective shield over the natural nail. This product is best for heavy handed people and those wanting longer nails. You can have natural nail overlays or nail extensions. Acrylic is a liquid and powder mix and cures as it is applied.

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