Hypnotherapy & Counselling


Marie is our inhouse Hypnotherapist and Counsellor.

Marie registered with the General Hypnotherapy Registered Practitioner, Accredited Practitioner, International Hypnotherapy Society and Licensed Hypno-band Practitioner.

Hi, I’m Marie, I’m a Humanistic Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Clairaudient.

I have been a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2016. My qualifications include a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Diploma in Neurolinguistic Programming, which is fully endorsed by The Guild of NLP. I specialise in Weight Management and Smoking Cessation using Hypnosis.

I thoroughly enjoy helping people and have recently qualified in Level 4 Counselling and CBT. I am a Humanistic counsellor.  This therapy focuses on self-development, growth and responsibilities. I will work to create a safe, supportive space where you will be able to explore yourself and your potential, ultimately working towards developing your own personal growth – mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Marie is registered with ACCPH, GHR and GHSC

I come from a long line of “show people”, with a history of circus entertainers dating back to 17th Century (I have researched my family tree!) In the late 19th century, my great, great grandfather was a lion tamer and a sword swallower! The ability to communicate with spirit was passed to me by my great aunt. I am a practicing White Witch but work alone (known as a Hedgerow Witch) and have twenty five years experience, as tarot reader. By day, I am an English teacher in a secondary school. I am currently learning how to read a crystal ball – so watch this space. I am a firm believing in the power of The Universe and all it has to offer us. Blessed be.

I also offer

The art of divination using the Major and Minor arcana. I use Tarot to help me communicate with spirit.

Angel cards:
We use Angel cards to connect to the Angels – to ask for guidance, reassurance or sometimes just for peace of mind.

Pendulum and Rod Dowsing:
A way of connecting to the Universe to find answers or solutions.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is an altered state of consciousness. It is in this altered or trance state that the hypnotherapist “speaks” to your unconscious mind and makes the positive suggestions to change your behaviour for the better. The patient is fully in control and a hypnotherapist cannot make anyone do something that they are not willing to do. Over several sessions, the hypnotherapist will work with the unconscious mind to assist the patient with their phobias, weight-loss, cessation of smoking, problems sleeping, confidence, panic attacks/anxiety and much more.

Adult Hypnotherapy Sessions – £65
Child Hypnotherapy sessions (5 -16 years old) – £45
Past Life Regression 1½ hour session – £95
Quit Smoking 1 off 2-hour session – £175
Six session Weight Loss (over a course of months) – £395
Adult six week Mindfulness course – £180
Child six week Mindfulness course – £90


I am a Humanistic counsellor.  This means that the therapy we will use together will focus on self-development, growth and responsibilities. I will seek to help you recognise your strengths, creativity and choice in the ‘here and now’.

I will work to create a safe, supportive space where you will be able to explore yourself and your potential, ultimately working towards developing your own personal growth – mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The benefits of humanistic therapy

Humanistic approaches are especially suited to anyone feeling lost, struggling with low self-esteem or generally looking to improve well-being. The Humanistic approach will also work with people living with specific conditions, such as anxiety, panic disorders, addiction, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

People who are having relationship issues (including family relationships) may also benefit.

The humanistic approaches:

Humanistic therapy is all about self-exploration. The following approaches can help you to increase self-awareness, and direct you towards finding a greater sense of purpose in life. I will use a mixture of approaches to tailor the therapy to suit you.

Existential therapy

Existential therapy focuses on exploring the meaning of certain issues from a philosophical perspective, instead of a technique-based approach.

Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy can be roughly translated to ‘whole’ and focuses on the whole of an individual’s experience, including their thoughts, feelings and actions. Gaining self-awareness in the ‘here and now’ is a key aspect of gestalt therapy.

Human Givens psychotherapy

Human Givens psychotherapy is a relatively new approach that has been described by its founders as a ‘bio-psycho-social’ approach to psychotherapy. The therapy’s basic assumption is that humans have innate needs (called givens) that need to be met for mental well-being.

Person-centred therapy (also known as “client-centred” counselling)

Person-centred therapy focuses on an individual’s self-worth and values. Being valued as a person, without being judged, can help an individual to accept who they are, and reconnect with themselves.

Taking the first steps to recovery are hard and takes courage.  I am here to help you in this process.  I am also a Cruse Bereavement Care trained volunteer counsellor and a Senior Member of  ACCPH.

First session  60-80 mins         £80

Follow on sessions 55 mins          £60