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Often asked to describe Reiki, it’s something most of us have heard of but not many of us have experienced. And in honesty it is a treatment that needs to be experienced at the correct time. You may have heard of it, but it’s just been in passing and it has not caught your attention but then today it has. This is when you should try Reiki, when you are attracted or drawn to it. For most of us it will come at a time of stress, bereavement, illness or a feeling of being stuck in a rut.

You may be suffering from anxiety, insomnia or depression or generally in need of a pick me up-then at this time in your life Reiki is just what you need. Reiki is like a push in the right direction, a nurturing arm being wrapped around you to get back on track.

A simple explanation-
When our energy is out of balance you may feel like your head is in a fog, you’ve lost direction, suffering with anxiety or depression. Reiki is non-invasive, you do not need to undress. The treatment is carried on whilst lying fully clothed on the treatment couch or can be done whilst sitting in a chair. The therapist works on each of your seven chakras, which make up our internal energy system, to re-tune, re-balance and re-energise. Once this is completed the therapist cleanses your Aura, an energy field that surrounds you – to bring about mental, physical and emotional balance.

Reiki Follow Up


Treatments within 3 months Further sessions 40-50 minutes - £50



First session 50-60 minutes - £55 Further sessions 40-50 minutes - £50