BODY SPA Rejuvenating Body Lotion 6oz (170g)


This ultra-hydrating body lotion features a blend of peptides, glycolic acid and retinol to exfoliate dead skin, rejuvenate skin texture and reduce the appearance of aging. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, it’s also helpful for keratosis pilaris, dry, cracked skin on the feet, or rough elbows and knees.

All Skin Types

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Hydrating body lotion with a high content of glycolic acid, retinol and peptides to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin while providing antioxidants and hydration to reverse the signs of aging. Leaves skin fresh, soft and radiant.


Apply liberally, morning and evening, or as often as needed, to entire body and allow to penetrate for a few minutes. Do NOT apply to freshly shaven skin. Use as a heel treatment nightly to smooth and hydrate exceptionally dry, cracked feet.


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