Renight Mask 60ml


Nourishing and restorative creamy mask, rich in protective antioxidants that work to shield skin that’s already tired and stressed from environmental harm. Blended with organic Goji Berry, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, your complexion will be treated to a burst of vital goodness to help support and maintain the proper functions of normal skin.

Recommended for all skin types. Ideal for undernourished, dry, stressed and tired skins.

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Nourishing and hydrating mask, suitable for all skin types.

Ideal for dry and stressed skin.


Apply to cleansed skin in the evening when preparing for bed. Depending on the skin condition, the mask is gradually absorbed. Remove eventual residues with a facial tissue or with a warm damp face towel.

For those with nut allergies there could possibly be slight sensitivity upon application of the products. Apply a small amount of product to the inner forearm and verify the tolerability.


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