SUN SOUL Cream Gel Tan Maximizer 200ml


Cream gel tan activator for face and body, not greasy, prepares, intensifies and prolongs the tan and reinforces the natural defence mechanisms of the skin against photo-aging.

Suited to all skins. Recommended for those who desire an intense tan, as well as those with fair complexions which would benefit from preparing their skins well before sun exposure.

Not for use as sun protection.

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Intensifies the tanning process in just a few days.
Anti-aging action.
Dry touch texture which is quickly absorbed.

Intensifies the tan in just a few days
The tan lasts longer
Prepares the skin for the sun
Helps counteract skin aging signs


Apply to face and body for a few days prior to sun exposure as well as during sun exposure, combined with the appropriate SPF product and followed by the after sun products to prolong the benefits. For a more intense effect, it is recommended to use the product for ten days prior to sun exposure.


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