TRANQUILLITY Oil (Bath & Body) 200ml


An aromatic, silky oil for the bath and the body with nourishing amaranth oil and an exclusive blend of essential oils which give an immediate sensation of wellbeing alleviating the state of stress and tension.

Its versatile formulation transform when in contact with water: applied directly to the body, it is a nourishing oil, which bestows a silky effect to the tissues, without leaving the skin oily, diluted in water it transforms from an oil into a milky fluid.

For all skins. In particular, at the end of the day as a body treatment which calms and alleviates stress.


Skin silk-like smooth, soft and pleasantly scented.
Gentle cleanser and effective nourishing action.
Sensation of well-being.


For the bath: Pour an adequate amount of oil, according to the intensity of the perfume desired, into a bath or hydrotherapy tub.
For the body: Massage directly into the skin as a nourishing oil.


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