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Hi I’m Jonathon Edwards- fondly known as ‘Jon-The Back Cracker’

My route to the perfect job was not straight forward and before finding my passion for Remedial Massage I had a very varied career. However, finally on the 24th of December 1994 I qualified as a Remedial Massage Therapist from one of the best colleagues in the country, The Northern Institute of Massage. The next day I learnt from my father that my Granddad had also qualified from the same college, so therapy is certainly in the blood.

Now, 20 years later, having treated internationally known celebrities, sportsmen and Olympians and multimillionaires I realise that my job is simple; it’s about getting normal people back into their normal routines, routines that have been interrupted by pain and discomfort.

My philosophy is finding out what is causing the symptom and put it right, that way it is not just the symptom that will go away but the real underlying problem. I often have a client who comes in with a shoulder problem, but the actual cause is the hip alignment or a pain in the knee caused from the thoracic spine (in between the shoulders).

I take great pride in my job and feel the ‘The Back Cracker’ name suitably describes my job. Cracking backs (realigning) has amazing results, I will not ask you to see me again without cause and I pride myself in getting the job done. I get great satisfaction from seeing a client who enters the salon twisted or in pain leaving straight and, if not pain free, then definitely greatly improved in just one sessions, that gives me immense satisfaction knowing the client can get on with their life.

So if in pain, suffering from migraines, pins and needles or numerous other niggles the book in and lets get you back on track.